Single Parent Food Banks of BC Society (SPFB) (spfoodbank) is a registered non-profit Food Bank organization providing perishable & non perishable foods to low-income single parent families in the Metro Vancouver area for over 20 years.

SPFB (spfoodbank) provides this support to low-income single parents and their children through our HOME DELIVERY Food Bank SERVICE of quality, nutritional perishable foods through our cash donations and when available donated baby items.

 What makes us different is that we are a specialized Food Bank

We home deliver Food Hampers to those who are truly in need. Not all low income families live on Income assitance from the Government, we have families that are the working poor, families with a disability, we have those living in an isolated areas without proper transportation and sadly Single moms that are recovering from abusive relationships, these are some of the reasons that prevents them from visiting a regular Food Bank in their area.
Thus we help fill an important need currently not available.
These Families with Children need our Home Delivery Service because they can't use the Regular Food Bank and most don't deliver, so they rely on our delivery service that provides a Hamper of Fresh Perishable Foods they need.
Single parents on limited budgets are unable to feed their children nutritional meals on a consistent basis. SPFB (spfoodbank) offers this service as a supplemental Food Bank specifically designed for essential items such as fresh milk, quality fruits and vegetables, bread, eggs and other proteins. We provide non-perishable foods and extra baby items as they are donated.

SPFB (spfoodbank) is a small, independent, self- supporting organization and should not be confused with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Surrey Food Bank, Friends in Need Food Bank or any other food bank type of organization or service. SPFB (spfoodbank) is supported by business, corporate and door-to-door fundraising campaigns. Your donations are the primary reason we are able to assist low-income single parents and their children.
Thank You For your Donations in 2015
We need your help in 2016

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As of 2014 we are under New Management.
We have a New Board of Directors and Voting Members.
We are registered as non-profit organization effective October 26, 1996 under the BC Society Act #S34387
We are in Good Standing with the BC Society Act.
We are also Registered with Revenue Canada as a Non Profit Organization
We have Business Licenses (as a non-profit ) for each community we fundraise.

When we conduct our face to face (D2D) fundraisers all our representatives will have Picture ID from SPFOODBANK, all Government Documentation, and a dated Authorization Letter from SPFOODBANK with their name as our representative.
All this information must be available and to be presented upon request.

For Donations of Money, Food & Products that we recieve from businesses we issue Receipts for Corporations and Businesses
(Whereby they can claim a deduction on their Business or Corporate Tax return)
We also issue Non-Profit Society Receipts for any Personal Donations.
(These receipts are an Acknowledgement of your Donation ONLY)
Mailing Address:   #306 - 11960 222nd Street, Maple Ridge, B.C.  V2X-5V7
(778) 552-4100
(If you get our voice mail please leave a detailed message and specify the city you are calling from)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SPFOODBANK will be closed to new clients from June 1 - Sept 10th 2016.

Due to lack of Donationed Food & Money this time of year.